Monday, June 18, 2007

He is 7 months!

Can you believe he is now 7 months old. Here he is now-eating his breakfast and watching his favorite video called signing time. It is a sign language video that we have been watching with him for about two months, to teach him and ourselves sign language. He loves when we sign to him. He just smiles real big and laughs. He is starting to say Ma Ma, and Da Da Da.
He gets up on his knees and acts like he is going to take that step of crawling and belly flops forward to get whatever he is reaching for. The kids adore him, he is well loved that is for sure.
I have been trying to ween him from my bed to a crib that process has been a slow one. I guess I have learned my lesson, if the Lord should permit me to have another, it will never start in my bed. ;-)
Our summer has officially started. We were hoping to be in a house closer to our church by now but the Lord has not led us in that directions. I guess for now that is not his will for us. So we are still here in Nixa. We did not plant a garden because we were hoping to be gone by now. Now I am unsure what to do. I truly want a garden but we are looking at the middle of June already-wow time flies.
Sam is working hard and Paul is working side by side with him. Last week was a rough week of long hours. Hopefully this week will not be as many hours.
Alexander is doing well. He is slowly working through school.
Samuel J- has grown a foot! and still as quiet and easy going as ever. While Joey does not look like he has grown at all! and can be a meanie!
As for myself- I am sleepy, trying to make it through each day with the Lord. Right now I am doing a bible Study called the King's Daughter- by Diane Hagee- great stuff. I will write more on that later.
Need to go get some kids focused.
God's blessing to all.

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  1. Great to hear about the kids...but what about Maria?


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