Friday, August 17, 2007

life is "Normal"

Sam and Paul returned-They been home about a week now. School has started, soccer practice has started, so life is some what "normal" Whatever normal is...
Sam is ready to move to Nicaragua. He has come home with a totally different perspective on life. Realizing how much of a need there is out there, and how we "Americans" are privileged people. That we live a life of abundance, in all things from our homes, to the things we have and how it is not needed. He realizes how you can live on the bare minimum and be happy!!

Well it is official, Melissa and I have started our photography business. Right now it is in the development stage. (meaning, brochures,websites, business cards) You know all the fun stuff that happens when you start a business. Here are some photos that Melissa took of me for our website this a fun collage- Thought I would share it with you...Let me know what you think... soon I will share the website!

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  1. Great!! let us know when it's all set up. Is it possible to get you to take photos over here?




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