Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday

Laughter Lives

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Ok a picture is really worth a thousand words, but my beloved stated he did not think that it would be “appropriate” to place it on here so I will try to explain this story to the best of my abilities.

There seems to be a common phrase in our home, “ you never know what to expect” that is lived out, especially in a house full of boys. I have 4 young men, and one little(2 year old) man, so trust me when I say that I truly do not understand the male species at all.

My second to the youngest is 12 years old and truly does have a fun loving heart. We also have a two year old- who is not potty trained, so that means diapers and pull-ups. My 12 year old, spotted a pull up sitting on the chair in the living room. Each of us where so engrossed in our individual tasks. I was grading, and his siblings doing some school, so he snuck off to his room with a pull up. He (12 year old)stripped his clothing,pulled on the pull-up and came barreling through the living room laughing all the way to model that he actually fit in the pull up(barely). Of course- that made everyone roar with laughter, except mother( who by the way tried very hard not to smile and laugh) who looked at him very disapprovingly.(what are mothers for-to ruin the fun)

After a few minutes of laughter I demanded that he put his clothes back on. A few more minutes past and that wonderful mocking two year old decides to come running out (fully clothed) with the same pull-up his big brother had on, loosely wrapped around himself, laughing and running around the living room in the same manner of his older brother, which brought even more laughter.


So you see- You never know what to expect in the Sellers Home…..

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