Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Friends...

We have been attending a church for about a month or more. Times goes quickly and it is easy to lose track of it. It is a small church with lots of wonderful people. (small meaning less than 500 people) On a Sunday morning the sanctuary is packed. On Wednesday- everyone is serving in one area or another. It is an active church. Active in each others lives, as well as active in their community. It is a church where the old are revered and the young are encouraged to seek God in all things.

The Pastors- two strong men for the Lord. One more serious, but his face lights up when he is talking about the things of the Lord. The other more fun loving but more serious when he is standing before the crowd.

The Men more quiet reserved, and not as friendly and not as ready to carry the burdens of a brother.  The women friendly, loving and ready to serve, and willing to encourage. Very opposite of the men.

It is amazing as you travel around and you live in as many places as we have you notice a pattern in churches. If the men are friendly, out going, and wrap their arms around you as a brother(to men). The women are cold, stand off ish, and not willing to be a sister in Christ. and other churches, if the women are friendly, outgoing and ready to be sister.. the men are stand offish, cold, and not willing to be a brother.

(my challenge and rambling of the day)

We are all to be willing to love, to make others feel welcome, and be brother(if you are a man) or a sister( if you are a woman) to those around you.

When was the last time you called a sister up to just see how she was? To just carry her burden for that day? Or just give her a word of encouragement?

Brothers- when was the last time you took the time to encourage a brother? Hear his concerns, or prayer requests? Share his burdens?


We have spent lots of time in the water.. enjoying our community pool, or the beach that is not to far.

Memorial day we spent with Sam's brother's family.  Which was pleasant and fun. His parents came over eventually for dinner. It was nice to see them. Though they live not 15 minutes away we never seem them much.


Just a few more days of waiting then we will be on a plane heading for PA...

Continue to pray for us.. safety as we travel!

Thank you...

Blessings to those who take the time read.. May Our Lord Jesus Shine His face upon you.


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  1. Church can be wild... we have talked about this before. I guess we all just hang on to Jesus and pray that our church will magnify Him and His Name.


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