Friday, September 3, 2010

My child in Nicaragua

Have I ever shared with you that I have a child in Nicaragua? Well she is really not mine but as I sponsor her, receive pictures and letters from her, she sure feels like mine. Her name is Maria.- She is a sponsor child that we took on sponsoring  May of 2009. I knew for our family it would be a sacrifice, but to each of us(me and the children) it has become very important that Maria has what she needs. The desire of our hearts is that she know Jesus so through our sponsorship we hope we can give her the love of Christ and show her how much Jesus does love her.

Often times I find myself wanting to hold her, hug her, and tell her how truly loved she is.( oh how awesome that would be!!) She is only in 3rd grade and she lost her mother already. She is being cared for by her grandmother, and father. She has brothers as well. But as a young lady- she is alone, yes she has her grandma, but no mama.This mama's heart grieves for her knowing as she gets older and goes through changes she will struggle, and mourn desiring the care, and love from her mom. I pray that some how Jesus will fill that hole for her!

So I ask today that you pray for my Maria in Nicaragua. Ask Jesus to come into her heart, that you ask him to protect her, to care for her, to bring her up to be a mighty woman of God.  Ask Him to give her a love for Him and His Word. And also pray for us- that we remain diligent to our sponsorship, that the Lord bless the funds, and that the Lord guide Compassion International with wisdom as they minister to children all around the world.

Thanks for letting me share about my little Nicaraguan Child.



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  2. I will be in prayer for your Maria. Every girl needs a mother during those times you speak of in their lives. Maybe God placed you in her life so one day she could come to you (via mail) with those things. I pray that through your correspondence she sees the light of our Jesus in you and desires that. Hugs...

  3. That is wonderful that your family does this. Thank you for sharing your warm and loving heart.
    I would love to follow you, Angie, but I don't have Facebook or Twitter, and can't see any other way to follow. Oh, now I see the subscribe--I'll do that:) I have enjoyed getting to "know" you a little. Please visit me often--I'm having to visit less right now (though I would love to more).
    Faith's Firm Foundation

  4. thank you for sharing. i will be praying for maria tonight!

    we sponsor a child in uganda through amazima. his name is semakula bashir and he is 9 years old. i don't get updates from him, but pray that he will come to know the Lord as well and see Christ's love through us.


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