Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Believing God Week 3

Beth's study believing has turned out to be wonderful. I look forward to spending time in the Word and looking up the Greek and Hebrew words for things. Understanding more of the Word. In week two she gave some pretty insightful insight from a book she read by Clayton and Jansma
on Creation...

    Being in the right kind of galaxy    1in 100
    Being in right place in the galaxy   1 in 150
    Having the right kind of star           1 in 1,000
    Being the right distance from the star  1 in 10
    Having the proper planetary mass        1 in 10
    Having the proper planetary spin         1 in 10
    Having the proper planetary tilt           1 in 10
    Having comet-sweeping planets           1 in 40
    Not being near a black hole                  1 in 250
    Having a large solitary moon               1 in 10
    Possessing a magnetic field capable of shielding  1 in 10


Total odds                                 1 in 150,000,000,000,000,000

I wonder how evolutionists even believe in these odds?? Do they realize they have to have a lot of faith to even believe that?

Love In Christ Angie

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