Saturday, July 16, 2016

Accepting salvation without declaring His name...

There are so many young believers today that will accept the gift of salivation that Jesus gives but will not proclaim His name or live according to the Word. The "spirit" of compromise, and acceptance has overtaken them to a point that they stand on no foundation, their lives are like sinking stand.

If given an opportunity to speak the Gospel, they will pass it by, with the excuse of "I don't know anything" Or " I am not educated to do that" Or even " I don't have the heart too". What is funny is some of the greatest preachers, teachers, and leaders of the past were "uneducated". The difference is they allowed the Holy Spirit to direct them. There is an example in scripture of a man, who knew only of the baptism of John. His name was Apollos, you will find him in Acts chapter 18. Verse 24. He was an educated man yes, but of course if we think of the education he might have received, it would be one of the Jewish ways, customs, and religion, not on Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Yet Apollos spoke accurately on the accounts of Jesus. How is that so? He was an uneducated in the matters of Jesus, in the accounts of Christ, how could He possibly teach on it ACCURATELY?

So often we read on this third party of the trinity- You know Him, you know He dwells within you (supposively), He is the voice in the darkness, Or the guidance through the Word, and He intercedes for use before the Throne when we don't know what to say. Yes the Holy Spirit... the problem is we know He is there, we read about Him in scripture but within us, we do not believe in the power He has to use us (an empty uneducated shell) to bring the Gospel to anyone. How do some so truly believe in His power? Such as people of the Pencostal Faith Or charismatic Faith and others seem to know of Him, truly believe the Word is without error and yet do not believe in His power to use them to bring forth the gospel?!

Oh Lord help your people... remove the blinders that the enemy has place to keep us (your children) frozen from spreading the Word, glorifying your Name and living as your redeemed in this lost world.

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