Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Monday

Ok- it is monday and the weekend seemed to fly by. Saturday we had the church Sweetheart banquet and that was interesting all in itself. Well it started out great Sam and I had some privacy and actually got to talk for the first time in a while. We talked about everything and nothing on the way to dinner. We get there and my sister and Clay were waiting and she looked stunning. We went in-I carried Noah. Sam parked the car and came in realizing he had forgotten the baby's diaperbag so that started the evening. Melissa and I went to walmart to get everything we needed for baby to make it through the night. It was a blessing because she bought, a diaper bag, blanket, outfit, bottles, formula, food,and new feeder. She said it reminder her of the "many times" she forgot the diaper bag for the girls. By the time we got back, we missed the reception, and salad stage of dinner. The lettuce was wilted and tasted so but I ate as much as I could stand. Missy did not eat at all. We wait a while for dinner which came out very cold. So it was difficult to eat cold. But I tried till I bit into a wad of this powdery stuff. YUK.
So we skipped that and went straight to dessert. (cheesecake) It was good.

Then the speaker came up- what I heard of it, he was great. Unfortunately it was very warm in the room. (too many bodies in one place) Noah is so warmblooded so he not happy, it was 8ish so it was bed time. So he became the fussy man. I tried to get him to nurse but he was too warm. So I left the room,missing the rest of the speaker, and sat with Noah so he could nurse. He went right to sleep. I ended up feeling like I missed the whole evening, so I did not spend alot of time with my sweetheart who by the way looked soooo handsome, in his black jacket, green shirt and tie to match!

Sunday- was great, the sermon was awesome.We came home and spent the afternoon laying down relaxing while Noah was in and out of naps. I was not ready for Sunday to end and Monday to begin! But here we are. So I need to be off....

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