Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's day. My day started out so wonderful. The baby got up around 8:30 full of smiles. I changed him and we played "so big" in which he laughed out loud.It was so cute. The kids one by one started to awake, getting ready for the day. That is when it all went down hill, the bickering started. Back and forth amongst each other about everything and nothing. I just could not take it. I kept thinking why today. Why today of all days. Can't you be nice to each other!!Anyway- it just kept getting worse. Paul was disrespectful. I had to sit Joey in a chair because of his mouth. I tried to take a relaxing bath which did not last long because of argueing.

But you know what my beloved came through he actually came home at a decent time and the first thing he said to me was, you have 20 minutes to get ready because we are leaving to go out to dinner. He took me to this Brazilian Restaraunt, so nice you had to have reservations. It was really neat. The way they serve is so different. It is a 3 course meal. You first start with your soup and bread in which the waitress brings you, then the salad which you go to the cold bar for and it is not your normal salad but different salads. There was even squid with the tenticles attached.(Sam tried it) Then there is this wooden peg looking thing on the table that has green on one side and red on the other when you are ready for your meat portion of your meal you flip it to the green side and the meat starts coming. Now this is where it is different, they bring the meat to you, but you only get a VERY SMALL portion, maybe a two bite portion, but before you can finish chewing your second bite here comes another guy with a different kind of meat, and that goes on till you get full. Oh and with the meat is this spicey red potatoe and french fried sweet potatoes that goes with the meat, which is also and endless supply. The restaraunt is a buzz constantly, with the meat men all around, then there is a dessert tray rolling every where, a woman with wine glasses on it, and through all this you here this man singing " MeatLoaf Man Meatloaf I am the Meatloaf man" with this almost Jamaican, Brazilian whatever accent. Other side you here "Sea Bass Sea Bass I am the Sea bass man" same kind of accent. And believe it nor with all of this my little Noah slept through almost the whole thing! The started wonderfully and ended wonderfully even though the in between was not so good.

How was your Valentine's day?

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  1. My valentines was great. I actually ate fried chicken and Carl had a burger. After three straight weeks of Filipino food, we are "tired". Here; the goal is too find American food and anything close to tasting like it.

    We walked down the street where they had horse back riding. We just watched people get on the horses and ride off. We walked down the other street and there was a butterfly garden; it was closed.

    We went to the ice cream parlor and had a strawberry sundae. Fresh strawberries and very sweet ice cream, it taste like it already had whip cream, but it didn't.

    After that we went back to base for dinner clean up. WE rarely have anytime alone and people are always around 24/7.

    I need to go now.
    I love you!


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