Monday, February 19, 2007


Well it is monday- but a very quiet Monday. I do not have my neices this morning which makes it quiet around here since the Three older boys are with dad working on a house so it is just me, Maria,Joey and Baby Noah. It is strange how quiet it is around here. It reminds me of the public school days when most of the kids went to school and I was here with just the younger two.

The Lord has already started to work, Sam is working on a house, doing trim work, and other things that need to be finished for our rent!(which will be due next week) Thursday he starts framing a house that will help us survive for the next month! We just need to pray for the next job to come and that the boys will continue with the energy they have now realizing that they are all benefitting the family!

May God get the Glory!

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  1. Praise the Lord!
    God can stretch you where ever you are. Read my blog, you'll see what I mean...



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