Friday, September 7, 2007

So many changes

As this week ends- I know God has lots of changes for us. Samuel and Paul, as of next Wensday, do not have a job. Another company does not have the finances to keep going. Where is this world coming to? The economy is bad, the food and fuel costs are going up while salaries stay the same. The unemployment rate is increasing, and families are losing their homes. I am scared, not scared for myself, or my family because the Lord always provides. But scared for all of those who are lost and have no hope like I do. I am scared for them. May they turn to the Lord, and find the only hope that never goes away!!

This week- has been busy, I have recovered from being sick to have a little one get sick right after me. This was so much harder on Little Noah- his bowels is what bothered him and his tender skin could not take it, which resulted in him screaming. Oh how he rips my heart out when he cries. Thank you Lord for the Love I have for my children. It is a gift from you. Guide with your words, and your spirit to be the Mother you would have me be.
I love you Lord!

It is amazing to me how much Our Noah is growing- He now says, Amen, Night Night, Mama,Dada- On Sept 13 he will 10 months- and growing FAST. oh Lord how I wish I could slow the clock down a little to devour each sec of newness and discovery he goes through... But that is not reality!

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  1. I am so blessed to be able to read what is in your heart and so forth. Please know that your family is in my prayers. I know God will provide. When a door closes, He is always faithful to open another one. Noah is such a big boy. Time does fly. Wish they could stay babies for longer time periods. I love you girl and just wanted to let you know you are beautiful inside and out. I love your pictures. You are very pretty.


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