Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Can not seem to get it together...

It just seems to be so hard to get a routine down and get things the way they should be.
The children and I spent time in the word. It was so needed- and it was a wonderful time of prayer, and fellowship with the children.
I often wonder if Sam ever feels pulled to read with us at night. Of course I do not want to "nag" him nor do I think it is in my job to "remind" him. I just have to do what is best to be fed myself. It helps me to spend time with the Lord with the children. I get more out of it then if I did it alone.

We discussed responsibilities- responsibilities that each of my youngmen will have to their wives- they will be responsible for washing her in the word, and making sure their children have a foundation in Christ. None of that happens on its own. You can not "trust" the church to do it, as leaders of the home the responsibility is theirs. They fail their wives, their families if they do not do family devotions,prayer time or wash their wives in the word of God. You can not let the busyness of life over take you to a point where you slack on that responsibility. Because when you do- the family suffers, your wife will suffer. I pray for them- I pray that the Lord will embed in them a desire for the word, and to wash their families in the word. I pray for them to have a foundation that is stronger then my own. I pray that they will have more of a realization how lost their lives are without Christ.

We also discussed things they are looking for in a wife and for Maria a husband. I had them write down those things, so they can be reminded to pray for them.

May the Lord hear their prayers...

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  1. It always starts with us, I also started reading and praying alone. If they don't catch up, it's okay...pray for the absent one.

    You are in my prayers...let's meet again on skype.



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