Wednesday, February 6, 2008

psalm 124-127

We have gone further in my bible study- with each Psalm I see more of God's grace, mercy and love for us. It is such a wonderful part of my life right now. I look forward to seeing those women but most of all I look forward to hearing Beth Moore's next lesson. The Lord definitely has perfect timing. If it was not for this bible study, I do believe I would be a mess right now because my days are long and lonely. We serve such a wonderful God!!

The children are all adjusting to Texas. Paul and Sammy have finally gotten an opportunity to referee, which Paul the happiest. Sammy is a different person, he just does not care about alot!
We have a tournament this weekend, so I am excited about that. We get to sit on the soccer field on early morning- and enjoy the beauty of the day watching my favorite sport-Soccer! That to me is a great day!

Noah is saying so much now, and doing so much now it amazes me that at 14 months. He is growing so fast, before my eyes. In some sense it saddens me because it just happens so fast, even when you savour every second or if you are too busy to notice. It happens reguardless(haha) He brings me so much joy. I can not imagine my life without him- he is my gift from the Heavenly Father... thankyou Lord!

So tell me- how are all of you out there? What has The Lord done for you lately?
May you find peace, HIS LOVE that only comes from Christ, and Joy that only comes from Christ!

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