Tuesday, April 8, 2008

what happens when a teenager drives

Ok I have heard from a few of you wondering where I have been. The title of the post should tell you everything. P (my eldest) has gotten into his first accident. It has been a learning experience for all of us. This happened right before I left to go to see my mom for the weekend(last weekend in March), so I had to spend the thursday before I left trying to find a piece for that driver side lights. Because he cracked the assembly that actually holds the lights on to the car, as well as bent the bumper, and the grill.

This consumed me before I left, and then the week I got I changed my computer from Vista to XP- little did I know what I was doing, and the computer problems I was walking into when I did that. (so that is why I did not post the first week of April) Now my computer is back, all is fixed, and life is trying to go back to normal- whatever that is.

I have spent time fighting depression, missing my sisters, and my mother dearly. Feeling like we did not get enough time together. The trip was wonderful, and N had such a blast on his very first plane ride, and seeing his grandparents. They adored him, and he certainly adored my mother!! He also was the life of my little sister's party. Everyone wanted their picture with him and he was in every photo. It was so cute! I am so glad I took him. My only regrett was not taking Sissy- it was such a girly weekend. She would have had so much fun. (you live and learn)

Thank you to those who sent messages- I love you all!


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  1. Good to see your entry! Sorry to hear about the car. sounds like you had a nice trip. God is in control!

    Send me your email address! I lost yours somehow. Hopefully you have mine, if so. Email me.

    Take care!


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