Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Lesson Learned...




Well straightening my hair worked- but not without some consequences. There is some damaged done. As I sit here realizing how selfish and stupid it is to desire something that God did not give me in the first place. Curly hair is what God has given me. Here I was wanting it to have straight and managable hair. why is that? What motivates one to put these harsh chemicals on themselves- for good looks?well honestly it did not "improve" my looks. So wonder what makes one do this to themselves? Approval? Desire to be someone they are not? Is it pressure to maintain a certain look because that is what society says.
In my mind I say "who cares what society or others say", but do we really act like we do not care. Can we manage to be separate from the world, that much!!?

Lord forgive me for not being content in who I am and what you have created in me! Teach me Lord through your Word- to see myself through your eyes and to love myself as you love me!

Love In Christ
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  1. You have come to the conclusion that I have also. I no longer perm my hair and I am letting it grow out to it's natural state, for this very reason. I desire to be who God created me to be. If I was meant to have straight hair, He would have given it to me. I am not so concerned with what others think, but it took me years to get to this point.

    Also after years of perming my hair, and seeing your pictures of what was done, I can see what was done wrong...the perm was to only be placed on the new growth, not on all of your hair. Thereby, the rest of your hair was over processed because it had already been permed previously; the new growth has not.

    However, even with knowing that, WE LOVE YOUR HAIR just the way God gave it to you!!!!!

  2. well....judging by your smile looks like you had fun doing it!

    your curly haired friend with dyed hair. (smiling)


  3. Amen! Just today I bought a box of hair color. Every time I color my hair I think "this is crazy". I once had a sweet godly Titus 2 woman tell me that gray hair was the crowning glory of women...she had a full head of white hair. She was really cute too. I've pondered her words ever since and often thought that she was right...and yet here I am with my box of "light brown hair color". Crazy.

    Thank you for your sweet words and the reminder to be content with who I am - the person who God created me to be - gray hair and all. ;)


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