Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anniversary but most of all restoration

This past Saturday Samuel and I celebrated our 17th anniversary. It started out being a very quiet day, but then it got busy with things of the church. We only had Maria, Joey and Noah- but they had a youth day at church so we took them.

We played kickball with the youth and parents-which was so much fun! It made me realize that there are muscles I have not used in a while.(ha-ha) We stayed at the church all day fellowshipping, talking and laughing with the families.

Time flew before we knew it was 7:30pm. Samuel and I looked at each other wondering if it was even worth trying to go out to eat at that time. We ended up going to this little Mexican restaurant in a small town that is next to our town. It was ok. I am not a big fan of Mexican. I wanted the fried avocado though.

On Sunday- we went to church and both morning and evening service were so powerful. The Holy Ghost was present! It was so strong that there were things He wanted me to share and shed from the past with Samuel. So that evening was a time of sharing, and confessing. It brought liberation to my soul but it pained me to see the pain in my beloved’s eyes,as I was obedient to the Lord. The devils plans in my life have been defeated. I can stand and say that through the power and blood of Jesus I am cleansed and restored a new! May the Lord lead and guide and give my beloved and I strength to stand on HIS foundation of Rock and not in the sand. As the winds of life blow- we will stand assured that we will not fall because our foundation is not our own but Christ’s!!!

I love you my wonderful, strong, Godly Man of God! You are truly the one God intended for me and for the first time- I know that so deep within me!!!  Thank you for 18 wonderful years, 17 of them as one! May our Lord reign within our hearts and souls, so that we can be molded and shaped into who HE wants us to be!

To God be the Glory


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