Thursday, July 1, 2010


June 24,2010

Well we are home. The trip home went so much smoother than the trip there. The skies were bright blue- hardly any turbulence. Arriving at the airport went pretty smooth. We were leaving around the same time as my sister, so we were able to spend a little more time together. (though it was hard to say good bye)

Since arriving I have no desires to do anything. My heart is aching ,of course, to be back in that beautiful country.

The simplicity of life there, the non congestion, purity in the air and the many friends makes me realize for the first time that I do have a place in my heart I call home. (Texas is not it)

I am grateful to the Lord for providing. For a place to lay my head, for a roof over our heads, and for a job for my beloved. As we all know we are to be thankful always! Life is so much more than survival. It is ministry doing the work of the Lord in all things. Here I am missing something..(have not quite figured out what that something is) but none the less I am missing something in my life.  May the Lord will show me or maybe not. All I know is that it is hard to continue and do what you need to do when you have NO desire to do it or do it in the place you are at....

July 1st- this post has been a week in the making.. time being limited and my mind not being able to focus on the words. How am I feeling this week? much better than last week. Working out with the children has given me something to focus on.(a distraction per say) We have slowly started schooling. I say slowly because we are not full force yet. Right now we are doing math. Next week we will start back with a full schedule.

July is here. What will it bring for the Sellers?  We all have lots of things going through our heads for the future. Paul thinking on college, and a job. Alex thinking on graduating, and a job. Maria is even thinking on a job. Everyone's minds are hopeful for future. Mine well - mine is stuck. My heart is broken over leaving Pa. I keep thinking about time. How limited it is? How it goes so quickly.. ( life is just a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away- that is what the bible says) Those word remind me that I only have one life to live. We are to live it full force for the Lord. Knowing that our lives are limited and we never know when He will call us home!

Have you all missed my blog randoms? would love to hear from you!


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  1. This post made me sad for you. I can relate a little. My dad, step-mom (whose like a mother to me), and my brothers live in Kansas. We made a trip out there last year and I love it there. Everyone takes their time there. No one was in a rush to go here and get this done. A land full rolling hills and beautiful fields. Not knowing when I'll see my dad again hurts. Like you said, you never know how much time we have left. Hugs...


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