Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning..

I always dread mondays-it is always busy, it is always hard to get everyone motivated and focused. Just when you get everyone flowing the week ends..

My weekend went quickly- I spent it AGAIN- driving the children back and forth to soccer. The weather Saturday was goreous. It started out cool, and it slowly warmed for them.Sunday of course was hotter. It started at 80 something- and just got warmer from there. The children worked really really hard. They were exhausted when they got home yesterday. Though I did not work, I was still very tired getting up at 5am- which I NEVER do-to drive everyone around, and stayed up all day.(you ever tried taking a nap with a three year old around?)

Sunday afternoon, after church we spent it with a very special family. Marsha from Other Such Happenings- she is an incredible person- I enjoyed her home(which is beautiful but most important the peace of the Holy Spirit reigns there), her children are fabulous, and she is amazing how she just manages everything at one time! I took photos of the children having fun- you can find them here. It was great to share the journey of Christ my family and I  have gone through, and to hear how the Lord has worked on them! God is truly an amazing loving God. I look forward to a few more opportunities of fellowship with her before I leave!

Ok You all- I have found something else to add to my birthday list.. See this birthday is a special Birthday- It is a big birthday- I will be 40 years Old. and why not celebrate it getting exactly what I want!! I am not sure if I will get any thing I want. or be able to get anything because of our move. But if the Lord should be so gracious to grant a want this would be a very strong WANT. NOT need, we all know that my needs are met. THANK YOU JESUS!!

This is the number one- "wanted" birthday present

EOS Rebel T2i EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit

Rebel XT2i

My next present is very very neat- and will go prefectly with the new camera or go perfectly for my old camera which ever- but either way it is very COOL and very feminine- which in that department everyone knows I need all the help I can get.

I have seen one of these in person and they are really incredible bags.. so of course it is a huge WANT in my life.  Samuel thinks I could sew one for myself for cheaper that I can buy this bag- though I will say in the searching that I did on other brands of these bags by Jotototes are the cheapest. I saw some of these bags at $300.00- for a camera bag- wow! Way too much for this mom!

To leave you on a spiritual note- This morning I read Proverbs 30- and a very particularly part stuck out to me I thought I would share with you:

15bThree things  are never satisfied;
four never say, "Enough!":

16 Sheol;  a barren womb;
earth, which is never satisfied with water;
and fire, which never says, "Enough!"

How true is this- that Hell is never satisfied. The more it gets or receives the more it wants.

A barren womb- is always hoping, never dying to the thought that one day it will carry life within it. The mother's heart hopes and seeks each month for a clear yes from the Lord- I know because I live this each month.

Earth- which is never satisfied with water- no matter how much rain comes down upon it.

And fire- which consumes everything in its path- and never stops its hunger.. all four of these liken on to each because of of its need or it ways to wants  for more and more!

I did notice how three of the four are destructive or can be if they are satisfied, Sheol, Earth, and fire.. only one brings the hope of life, and glory to our Lord.

I love when God's Word pops out at me and speaks straight to my soul.

Be blessed


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  1. I really enjoyed our time together, Angie!

    So out of those bags, do you have a fave color or style? They are a really good price, especially for something so roomy and stylish. Even the plain boring black ones from Best Buy are $70! I like that it is padded, sturdy and super cute. :)

    I have been reading in John. Chapters 16-19 have really struck a chord in my heart. Passages that I have read over and over suddenly appear different to me. I wonder how I didn't notice some of these details before. Such as Pilate making the sign "Jesus of Nazareth The King of the Jews" and the chief priests wanting him to change it to "I am King of the Jews". I can almost feel the sneers and wickedness of the chief priests.

    And John 17:20, where Jesus prayed for ME!!! In John 16:33, I could feel Jesus talking to me through His Word. The "but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." part... it even sounded cheerful to me. No clue if I am making sense, but I think you know what I mean!


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