Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Conformed minds.....


This has been on my mind since listening to Voddie Bauchman's sermon "When is He ready?"-- one of the first thing he states is how we conform so easily to the thoughts, and ways of society... and it is so true.

We conformed to everything it tells us too-why?

People conform when it comes to training up their own children. Society has stated parents are incapable of teaching their children, so you must send them to the institutions because we will do such a better job than you can ever think of doing.. HMM-- has that even come to pass?

We are brain washed to think that the "professionals" know exactly what they are doing. Did you know that teachers books are so detailed with explanations of how to teach the children that they even tell them exactly what to say for each lesson??? No one knows your child like you do, so who better to teach them but you... you love them, want to see them succeed and be the best. Your investment is your heart and soul, some teachers investment is their paycheck.

When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to go midwife. All six children I had them in the traditional, hospital way. With Noah I tried very hard to put into affect the way I would have liked to have him delivered, but again conformed to what the medical facility stated what was best, being ignorant of the truth of the matter. Since then I have learned even more. Midwife was the first thing that popped in my mind with baby Eliana- but fear took over when things turned in the beginning of the pregnancy and I had things happen that had never happened with any other pregnancy, so I ended up in a doctor's office, why? Because I was brain washed believing that only a doctor could take care of me and baby in this situation.... That is such a lie.. Midwives have been caring for pregnant moms, and delivering babies since Christ walked this earth. Yet our society has stated the best place for you and baby is with a doctor, in a hospital....

We have even conformed to society when it comes to marriage for young people. There was a time you graduated from high school, and the next step was marriage. Now you graduate from high school, college, and even graduate school before society says NOW you are ready for marriage... really? At this point more than half of your adult life is gone... invested in yourself and not in what the Lord would have had you invest in which is future generations, things that pertain to His kingdom. note- I have nothing against furthering education-- if it is the Lord's will for you what I am speaking of here is the fact that this society is stating now that 19,20,21 is too young to be married... since when? Since society has stated it is, since working on self, developing self, and educating self has become more important than doing the Lord's will. (I have thought these thoughts-- shame on me!)

One thing that just seems to stick out in my mind from Voddie's sermon is how he stated that the most growing up he did was AFTER he got married. When I exam myself-- it is true, that is when I grew up as well. Went from thinking of just me, my needs, or wants to those needs of the ones I love.

Wow-- we don't even realize how much we really do not think for ourselves. We let society mandate what we are going to do, how we are going to do it, and even when.

Lord-- help us to turn our brains on. Help us to think as you would want us to, to allow you to guide our steps, and not be fearful of society. Lord give us strength to be people who stand out, and stand up!!

In Jesus Name....Amen


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  1. Parents wonder why it is so hard for their children to stay pure until marriage. Waiting until you are 25 or 30 yeras old to get married could be a big part of the problem. I had just turned 21 when I got married and I have zero regrets!  And we only waited that long b/c the unspoken rule in my family was that you finish college before you get married.


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