Thursday, June 16, 2011

New/old friends...

I know the title has made you go hmmm, right?
Let me explain, we have had the priviledge and the blessing to have met new friends the Bucklins for the first time in the 6 years that we have known them. (old friends)

We met the Bucklins through a reversal ministry that "fell apart" not long after we met. In that time, we(the Bucklins and the Sellers) knew we could not let a ministry like that just die, so we started The Lord's Heritage. A reversal ministry that was for those who realize that children are a heritage from the Lord and get convicted of taking matters into their own hands instead allowing God be who he is, God. But in the time of establishing the ministry and over the years, all correspondence with this winderful family has always been with phone calls, email,facebook and photos. For the first time we have been able to talk to them face to face, and truly fellowship.

It has been such a blessing, because though distance ,family obligations, and finances has kept us apart it was like an old friend has walked through the door.

See this is an example of how the Lord can use the internet to bless and be a blessing.

Welcome Bucklins to our home, our hearts and our family forever!


Here the Bucklins with most of the Sellers- (Alex is missing)

Blessing to you and yours...

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