Friday, October 19, 2012

Amazing...this is why I homeschool.

I have been homeschooling my children since 2nd grade.(Maria and Joey) Noah is my first that I have schooled from the beginning. I taught him his ABC's, and his sounds of the letters so this week I decided, we have been doing ABC's for over a month, to try to see if he could do this phonic program I purchased just for him. Everyone I have ever known has done 100 easy lesson to read, well I tried it and I did not like it. So I purchased this phonics, so we did the beginning that reviewed the letters sounds, then we went onto the first lesson... "at". As I sat there reviewing the words with him it was amazing to watch him realize as he did the sounds of the letters it created words, like "fffff aaa tttt" made fat. It was like watching a light bulb go on in his head when he put it together. I loved it. It was an important moment in my homeschooling years, an amazing moment. For the rest of the week we reviewed at, an, and today we did ap. He has correctly and easily read two stories. It has been such an exciting week for us both in homeschooling.






I thought you would all enjoy seeing him in action:



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  1. YAYAYAYAYAYA for Noah!!!!!! So proud of you duck!!! You're growing up so fast.


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