Wednesday, May 21, 2008

100 things about me

I saw this on another site and thought I would try this out..

1. I was born on November 12,1970

2. I was born in the Bronx, New York.

3. I am the eldest of 5 children. (4 girls and Just one boy)

4. My name is Angie- not Angela, Angelica, Or any other proper name, Just Angie(long story)

5. I grew up in Lancaster, PA.

6. I graduated from Glen Rock, Pa- in 1989

7. I joined the Navy and spent a year.

8. My first born, was born in Oct. of 1990.

9. Soon after came my second born in 1991

10. I married my beloved, Godly man in Oct. 1992(married for almost 16 years now)

11. My 3rd child was born in July of 1993

12. My soul was REBORN in Nov of 1993! (the month I came to Christ)

13. My 4th child was born in Sept of 1995(finally a girl!)

14. My 5th was born Sept of 1996

15. 2000 the year of the Great Awakening in my family's life...

16.I am a HUGE soccer fan.. love to watch it, watch my children play it, and soon I will be refereeing it

17. Started the venture of Homeschooling in 2002

18. I love to crochet

19. I love to sew(not good at it)

20. I love to cook(without recipes)

21. I love to clean and smell a clean house

22. I had a tubal reversal in 2005 with the Help of a ministry

23. I helped create the website, and we were founders of a Ministry called The Lord's Heritage

24. I became pregnant with our First reversal baby in March of 2006, He was born in Nov of 2006

25. I love the computer.

26. I went to college in computers(but have decided that is not what I want to do when I grow up)

27. I love to learn new things( learning to quilt by hand now)

27. I love photography

28. I started a photography business with my sister in Nixa, Missouri which is still running though I am in Houston Texas now. (

29.I love to scrapbook-never get to do it-no space to spread everything out

30. I hate to do laundry(especially fold socks)

31. I love Beth Moore!!(my favorite bible teacher)

32. I am Puerto Rican- my family is from Puerto Rico- I am first generation born in the GREAT continent, not on the island.

33. I do not have a favorite meal.

34. I am not a chocolate fan! (vanilla!)

35. I love to exercise-Taebo!!!

36. I love the beach!! (love sticking my feet in the sand with a good book in hand!)

37. I love fruit- mangoes, bananas, grapes

38. I love to worship and praise the Lord.

39. I love good praise music.

40. I love having guests, and opening my home to people I have never met!(so you are always welcome at our House)

41. I have traveled allot with in the USA(Georgia,South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC,Maryland, PA, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Florida.... the list goes on- some of these states we have lived in.)

42. I was raised Catholic and went to catholic school till 10th grade.

43. I am a loyal person, to the core.

44. I am pretty honest, straight forward, some say blunt.

45. I love my job- I am a mother and wife through and through!

46. I hate AC- I wish I lived on a mountain so I could leave my windows open all the time, but not possible in the Houston heat!

47. I love to read, but never get the chance to; with some many other things to do.

48. I have naturally curly dark hair, which for the first time in my life I had straightened.

49. I love my husband. He is my best friend, and is my most truthful guide, other than Christ of course.

50. I am pretty independent. I have to work on allowing my husband to pamper me, and be a gentlemen(like opening the door for me)

51. I am very strong willed

52. I have been told I am pretty opinionated (haha- I hope with age that has gotten better)

53. I see things very black and white, no red or grey...

54. I am a very passionate person

55. I use my hands to talk.. sorry if someone gets in the way...

56. I have been told I am diligent- (that goes with the strong will thing) I like to get things done.

57. I am pretty observant(I have eyes in the back of my head-haha so the children think)

58. I am persistent

59. I love to walk.

60. I love to go camping(though we never get to go)

61. I love to ride a bike, but you can't on the road we live because you get chased by every dog on the street.

62. I love Rita's Gelati!!

63. I need wisdom from the Word of God.

64. I am resourceful- my husband says I can find anything on the Internet.

65. I love making gifts for people but am so afraid they wont like it.

66. Fall is my favorite season because of the colors, and the weather.

67. I love Spring because it brings forth new Life.

68. I love Easter- it is my favorite "holiday"

69. I am not a big Christmas fan.. to commercialized now!

70. I have never won anything in my life.

71. I have to work hard for anything I want.

72. I love ferrets but no longer have one, my beloved husband can not stand their smell.

73. My first car was a golden Chevy cavalier.. I loved that car.

74. I have a scar on my index finger on my left hand from childhood(playing with a knife)

75. I love coffee. My husband says mostly sugar and cream with a little coffee...

76. I learned to drive a stick from my husband.

77. I love Cherry limeades from Sonic

78. I am terrible at remembering people's names.

79. I love time to talk, and fellowship.

80. I love to home church.

81. I love when my husband does family devotions

82. I look forward to the time I will be grandma- but not ready yet!

83. I love to sing and have been told I am not too bad.

84. I love to go tanning.. 15 minutes of the humming machine, warmth, and NO interruptions!!

85. I love the sunshine. ( some day I will have house with TONS of windows!!)

86. I love the country.

87. I love my relationship with my sister.

88. I love nieces very much!

89. I love and miss my mom in my life.

90. My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias

91. I love the Sellers family- they are all saved and try to live for Christ.

92. I love the big skies of Texas, especially at night when you can see almost every star in the sky.

93. I love yellow roses, and carnations.

94. I love the elderly. I wish I had my mentor close!! She is my second mom.

95. I love my relationship with each one of my children.

96. I love my one and only brother- Commander in the Army.

97.I have only been married once to My beloved, Godly Husband-Sam

98. I want more children.

99. I love the Lord...

100. Without Christ I would have nothing, and be nothing.. He is all I am!!

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  1. Angie, would you believe that I have family in Nixa, MO? I moved here from MO in 1991. I was raised in Mexico, MO, but my Mom's family was all Nixa, Ozark, Rogersville, Branson, etc. Most are still there. My parents just moved here from MO in 2001 to be close to the grandkids. I'm not in Houston, but Waco isn't all that far away! I am counting the days until San Antonio!



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