Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy Weekend..

This weekend was busy and quiet yesterday we took the Babe to get his first professional haircut. At first he was scared, but he did not cry and did great. He was so well behaved for his barber, Freddie

That night “duck”, which is what he tells everyone his name is, got very sick. He spent a few hours vomiting, but after a call for prayer,  just as fast as the vomiting started it ended. Thank you praying saints.


Here is a photo of the jean skirts I made for me and my daughter:




And .. My new bible/messenger bag.


I made one of these for my husband for Christmas and he loves his.. and so I decided, after I made my daughters, of course, that I would make one for myself

Last but Not least, my new cutting mat/ portable Ironing board, for sewing and quilting… my beloved made this one for me. Isn’t it great! Looks just like the ones you buy at Joanne’s but I got mine for Nothing..



So what did you do this weekend??

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