Friday, January 29, 2010

Grocery Challenge

Kroger logo Vs H-E-B - Here Everything's Better

Ok I have always wondered if one grocery store was really cheaper than the other so this week I decided to put them to the test. I took my gang with me, and we split up. I gave money to those who were going to one store, with the exact list I had, I went to the other store. Wonderful thing about cell phones are we stayed in contact the whole time.

We started in produced, and without a doubt, HEB has great prices on things like apples, and pears, and oranges. But the fresh vegetables, they were significantly higher.

In both stores the milk prices were the same price. But the eggs, were also significantly more expensive at HEB then Kroger.

When I say significantly I am not just talking a few cents- I am talking dollars.

Onto meats- every meat that I needed this week was more at HEB.

I could keep going down the list, but truly I will spare you from the boredom…. So what was the conclusion from today’s grocery adventure/challenge- Kroger wins hands down with lesser prices, Plus card savings, and coupon savings.

I have to mention that HEB has FANTASTIC/ GREAT/ the BEST meal deals- so that alone is the only thing worth going to HEB for.


So if you into stretching your dollars as far as you can take them, then just don’t take my word for it… do the Grocery challenge- and realize it for yourself!(it was alot fun for my gang as well!!)


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