Monday, June 16, 2014



Dad with His children on Father's Day-2014


Yesterday was Father's Day - a day where we take to reflect on the gifts we have in our fathers.

Fathers have such an important role in the hearts of their children and their family. They are to protect them, guide them, encourage them and help them feel strong. When he fails in these areas then He has failed his family.

Growing up I desired to see what a "normal" family looked like.( I use the term normal loosely) My family was damaged, and damaging. My sperm donor father was the main source of pain, and disappointment. He was a path way of destruction. Treating everyone in his path as a possession to be misused and tossed as he pleased. Can you imagine- a damaged hurting child look around at her friends fathers and wondering, is there father like mine?
does he do to them what mine does?
Is it true-- do fathers show their love for their children in this manner??

I spent my younger life trying to feel loved, and secure which as you know lead me to destructive relationships. UNTIL God called me- when HE calls all things are cast away and all things made new-- and yes that is exactly what happened to me.

No I was never given a father- but I was given a husband. One who has modeled a loving, gracious, merciful- not in perfection father. He took on and loved two boys that were not biologically his. He never treated them differently than any of his children. He has loved all of his children with great sacrifice and pain. He has modeled (not in perfection) Christ likeness and remains completely humble realizing he still needs to change.

Though I have not experienced for myself the Love of a father but I have seen it manifest through my husband and though at times I wonder what that love is like. I am grateful that all my children have the father they have. I wonder often if they understand the blessing and I hope they do not take advantage of it. "Be cause we know not what a day may bring forth. Life is just a vapor that appearth for alittle time and vanishth away"

In the sermon yesterday at church- Carl shared what a Man of God is suppose to look like. Exam yourself and see if you measure up to the expectation The Lord has for you in who you are to be as a man, and as a father.

Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me with my husband. For showing me an earthly father who loves his children. For giving my children the father they have. May they not take that love for granted. In Jesus Name Amen..

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