Wednesday, June 4, 2014



Dear Ones-
Truth is so hard to hear so hard to face. Truth is the realization of the way we think or feel is wrong, or false. Truth-- knowing the reason why the World- struggles in loving Christ - who He is and what He means- is because truly the message to them is foolish.

Why is it foolish? Well because it goes against them. It goes against what they have believed to be true. It goes against what they think, how they want to live, and what they deemed is "happiness".

They find it foolish because to them we "can't" really live. Going out every night- finding a different guy or girl, not remembering their names, where you were or what you did is "living". Or Hiding, stealing, murder, jealousy, anger, manipulation, and sexual sin is "living"?

Peace, love, joy, kindness, goodness, patience, gentleness, faith and self control-- this is living. Manifesting each of these things in my life, which only happen through the power of God and His Word.

Are you wondering?
Stop being lost in this World and come to the saving Grace that can lead you to eternal life and peace. ONLY HE (JESUS CHRIST) can fill you with the peace and joy needed to live a life FULLY joyful.

Dear Lord
We know we are a foolish people- in need of you. Help us Father to seek you. To surrender and living out the calling you have called us to. Lord Help us to glorify your name.

In Jesus name- AMEN

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