Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Seeing His handwriting on an envelope....

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail and in the corner it said SR Sellers,Joseph R. - Yep we got the letter with graduation information and his address. I was so so so excited. Though it wasnt a written letter from him. It was a letter where the Navy has you fill in the blanks, it was still nice to see his handwriting, and know he is surviving ;) Now I will anxiously wait for a letter- if the little booger writes. He hates writing but I hope he will write once so I can hear how he is, and his thoughts on this whole boot camp process.In the meantime, I continue to pray for him and write him letters so he knows how we all are. Life has been busy. Soccer has started, so Noah had two practices a week. We were suppose to have a game on Saturday but it snowed... Yep we had snow in April                                                                                             Here I was trying to catch the enormous snowflakes...
On Sunday we got to go see Dallastown High School play of Mary Poppins which the kids had never seen the movie before.
Praising the Lord for these special opportunities and moments with these two kiddos. Solo para la gloria de Dios Angie

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