Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Anger tends to be the natural response of the day. Drivers get angry constantly yelling and screaming at the person in front of them as if the person can hear you. Cashiers get angry when someone comes to their line because they would much rather just stand there doing nothing then be inconvenienced by a customer. Nurses get angry at their patients, because though they began their career loving their job they are tired of caring for sick people.

Anger surrounds our culture, people unhappy with their jobs, life, or situations. The Word of God says that we are not to let anger be a natural response to situations. In this world where we are surrounded by anger and angry people it is so hard to not mimic that same heart attitude. Our hearts are supposed to display the gifts of the Spirit, seeking to give glory to God in all circumstances.

Challenge: Let these wise words penetrate your heart and seek today how you can turn off a response of anger and bring glory to God in a situation.

Let it be so,

Ps if you accomplish the challenge, please come back and share! What an encouragement it would be to hear how God used His Word to manifest in your life!

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