Monday, August 22, 2016


What is gossip? According to the dictionary it is idle talk or rumor, especially about someone else's personal or private affairs.

Gossip is an issue within some churches that it is viral, like a disease. It spreads from the top all the way to the bottom, damaging, leaving impressions, destroying reputations, all in just a few words. Oh trust me the heart isn't intently doing these things, the gossip is masked in "concern" or even "sharing". Expressing concerns about others affairs, or even sharing in a pretense of "prayer" can be viewed as gossip.

Gossip, words, destroy friendships, destroy how people view that person you are speaking of and even taint any work of God.

Rule of thumb I try to live by, if it is not about me, then it is not my place to say a word. If you are concerned just pray for that person, trust me that would work better than you destroying them with your words.

May these words glorify the Father in Heaven, for the glory of Christ.


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