Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pleasant Words


Pleasant words are not always so easy for us to manifest in every day life, as we live life, and have real relationships. Think of it this way, as we respond to those with a sweet spirit and kindness on our tongue, they are more responsive in a positive attitude and willingness then if we respond in frustration or impatiently. I must confess that I do not always have pleasant words for the ones I love so dearly. This should not be.

When we live out God’s Word in our life, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts and our tongues, these things like pleasant words can be done. Remember it is not in our own power but ONLY through the power given to us by the present of the Holy Spirit. To receive that power, to have that ability, we must have an active, vibrant relationship with Christ. A vibrant relationship comes through reading the Word each day, speaking to Jesus through prayer, and completely surrendering to the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Challenge :
When you find yourself frustrated, aggreviated by someone’s words, or even attitude try to respond with pleasant words. See how God can change the heart of the person and melt it with your response.

Let us all glorify God not just in Word but also in deed.


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