Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pride is the enemy

Pride is an enemy to us. It interferes with relationships, it justifies, and relents to no one but itself. Pride turns people's hearts against one another. Pride divides brings dishonor and as this scripture says disgrace to God, then you.

People view humility as weakness. It takes a strong person to remain humble in a situation where someone is manifesting pride, disrespect and dishonor. Where there is humility you see the wisdom. It's wisdom to be humble. It is wisdom to not display pride which in turn could make any situation worse. Humility does not demand, but shows love. Humility guides the heart back to the Lord and not to self bringing glory to Our God.

Our Lord Jesus humbled himself, spread out his arm and allowed man to nail him to a cross as an example of humility to us! There is no one in this world who has done that for another soul, but Jesus died to save souls.

As you go through your day today: look for situations where you can manifest humility over your pride. See how God uses it to not only glorify Himself, but also show you wisdom!

May the Lord be glorified


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