Wednesday, September 7, 2016

God's everlasting love

Could you imagine if we could understand the everlasting love of God? You have to wonder if we could really understand it, would there be People who turn away from Him? Or would there be emotional issues? Or would there be self esteem problems?

The reason we struggle with loving is because we do not love like God. Our love has conditions, we do not love freely. We do not love forgives, we do not love unconditionally, and we do not love relentlessly. Our love is tainted by what we gain not what we give. So we will never be able to understand the everlasting love of God. But it is comforting to know that His love is not based on me, or what I do or don't do, or what I give or don't give.

Challenge: the closest example we have to God's everlasting love is the love of a parent. A parent will do anything for their child. If you have a parent, please thank them for their love, what they have done to make you who you are. It is a blessing and gives a small glimpse of God's everlasting love for you.

Thank you for walking with me,

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