Thursday, September 1, 2016

Living in peace

The Word tells us that we are to " pursue peace with everyone". " Loving discipline is evidence of the Father’s grace, and His children should hold on to grace. Christians should move toward peace and holiness, and they should warn one another against falling short of God’s grace or allowing a root of bitterness to spring up within them." - from Holman Study Bible Commentary. What we find hard is living in that peace in a world that feeds off of chaos, violence and bitterness. We tend to find ourselves in this place where peace seems in possible but the truth is the only way we can manifest this peace in our lives is through the Holy Spirit. Peace is a gift given to us by the presence of the Lord. Without Him it is impossible to manifest this peace in our lives. It is evident when we look around us how much people need the presence and peace of God.

Challenge: dear one- as you seek to manifest this scripture in your life remember that this can not be done with out the presence of the Holy Spirit. As you seek to live in peace with others remember that it is for the Glory of God.

Thank you for walking with me.


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