Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What are your thoughts on this issue

Noah is now 4 months and due again to be vaccinated. The first vaccinations I did it with a very uncertain heart. Unsure whether I should expose my tiny 2 month old infant to such harmful things. When I went to the doctor I went with the mindset of not having it done but then felt pressured into doing it, by the doctor. Of course Noah did not do well, for two- three days he had outburst for no reason as if he was in pain or something. So that times has come again, making me unsure of whether I should do this or not. I have started reading this book by Michael Dye called Vaccinations-Deception and Tragedy.(ugh-I am so horrified) Now I am even more unsure of what to do.

What is the balance?

Who is telling the truth? The medical community or the people who's lives were affected?

I look at little Noah and see a helpless baby who looks to me for protection from everything harmful in this world. To think we purposely put these things in our children, for what reason?

Is it right to trust the medical field with decisions that should be ours to make? Did you know that if you do not vaccinate your children and social services finds out they can take your children away? (child endangerment they call it)

I am interested in your view on this issue...


  1. Ah Angie,
    This is so tough.
    You know me , I do a delayed immunization on my kids in fact so delayed Tim is not yet done.
    I dont allow any new vaccines only those which my olders had.
    Our God is Big and he is in control. It is scary in the world in which we live the first ? if you end up in the ER is are they up to date on their shots! It is hard isnt it!
    Trust the Lord and your husband.
    Ask him for wisdom he will give it!

  2. Cool I can comment!!!!!!
    I love the picture you have up of Noah!!!!


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