Sunday, August 30, 2009

The meaning of the Cross


2 Corinthians 5:21

This morning I listened to Paul Washer.  His sermon called “The Cross of Christ”

This sermon spoke so deeply to the lack of understanding of the Cross and the sacrifice that Christ gave for each of us.

We will never fully grasp the greatness of the Cross.

Could you raise your face towards heaven and say “ I have loved you as you deserved to be loved, L-rd”?

There has never been a moment in Christ life that his love for the L-rd did not shine through. There is never a moment in our lives we can say that we have loved the L-rd as Christ has!!!

Christ was treated ,before the throne, as the sinner should be treated. He became a cursed for us.

What does it mean to be a cursed for  man?

A cursed means that a man is so vile, and depraved that the last thing he hears before going into hell is everything Holy applauding and rejoicing.


The only reason you are blessed is because he was cursed. Every good and perfect blessing you have is the result of the curse Jesus bore for you!

Christ bore every curse so that we could be blessed.

Be Attitudes



  1. granted kingdom of heaven
denied entrance into heaven
2. recipients of a divine comfort receive the wrath of G-d
3. satisfied miserable and wretched
4. receive mercy condemned without mercy
5. shall see G-d cut off from His presence
6. sons and daughters of G-d Disowned


It means that every curse listed above Christ bore for us on the Cross,so that we could be granted the kingdom of heaven, receive comfort,be satisfied, receive mercy,see G-d, and be called sons and daughters of G-d.


Do you think Jesus was fearful over the Cross and bled in the garden over the nails or the whip?


No It was the wrath of G-d he feared. The wrath He drank for us!!


Dear Saints

It is so hard for our  minds to comprehend the greatness and suffering of the Cross. Mothers sacrifice daily to take care of their families and even that sacrifice is nothing compared to the Cross. Father sweat to provide and even that is nothing!!

I am forever in debt to our L-rd Jesus for what He did for me. I can never love him the way I should! But I will strive to do so- with everything I am, and everything I do!

Will you?


Heavenly Father-

We honor and adore you. We give you praise because you are worthy to be praised. We ask you to hear us now and forgive us     L-rd of our sins.

Help us L-rd to understand your Word. Help us to live it in our lives. Help us to share you, your love, and the greatness of your sacrifice with others.

Be with us as we begin a new week of schooling, or work.

For Thine is the Kingdom and Power and Glory forever and ever- Amen


May these Words speak to all of you


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