Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Which one are you?

 As I think about situations that I  have come into as Sam and I serve within the body of Christ, I realize that many people are one person or another. Either they  understand the heart of Christ and understand who they are to be in love in the body unconditionally or a Pharisees continuously judging one another, rebuking in self righteousness, and even back biting one another.  

We are to show a lot of grace and encouragement at all times.  We are to encourage one another with our words even in times of strife, even in times of difficulty. Our words are always to be season with salt. We're always to be the loving example of who Christ is and what he had done on the cross for us. Always sacrificing ourselves, our preferences, our personal wants and desires for another.

 In the book of acts when the church first gathered the people gave up all their own belongings. They sold their goods for the good of the body to strengthen each other and to sharpen each other and the active love was the ultimate act of love,which was the willingness to give every thing for the other. 


 Are you that person willing to give up everything or are you that Pharisee who is pointing and judging and tearing others down. The truth be told that in the temple as Jesus grew and preached the word of God conviction came on the heads of the Pharisees. They then in turn looked at Jesus in judgment and wickedness. 

Do you look upon others with judgment and wickedness?

 Do you look at a sister or brother in Christ judging their actions without ever  really truly knowing their heart motives or even spending enough time with them to really know them in Christ??

  We spend so much time looking at our neighbor but yet we forget that we also need Christ. Christ died for our sins not just the sins of our neighbor, not just the sins of the person that we're pointing our finger to, but also for our sins.

 Do we examine our own heart??

 Are we looking at The Word then at ourselves?

 Do we see ourselves in the light that others see?

 Which one are you?

Are you one who loves unconditionally?Or are you one that has conditions to their love with expectations on top of it?

 Jesus died for us unconditionally there's absolutely nothing that we ourselves can do or have done. There is absolutely nothing with in ourselves worth him dying for but he still died in that unconditional love for us because He loved us. 

Often times people's expectations of  another's behavior is what causes them to judge. They expect a certain behavior from pastors wife, expect a certain behavior from an elders wife or Deacon's wife or leaders wife whatever the leader is without ever realizing or considering the fact that they are also a sinner saved by grace. 

Grace fine word!! Grace!!! God can bestow that grace on us so lovingly and undeservedly. How can we not have Grace? Christ showed that grace to us when we were yet  in sin but yet we are still unwilling to give that same grace,in our words or actions to another. We forget!!!

 Which one are you ?

I asked that question to you today in hopes that if you're going through a situation of difficulty with a brother or sister in Christ that you would examine your own heart first!!

Solo Para La Gloria De Dios  

Love In Christ Angie

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