Thursday, September 18, 2014

Each day welding

It often amazes me how quickly time goes. Each day welding into the next and each one being like the other but different in many ways. I spend so much time racing to keep with myself, responsibilities, schooling, house, groceries, laundry, as well so many other things. My heart's intention is always misunderstood and I wonder often why I bother or even care.

Examining other mothers- who seem to function and can disconnect and live without being affected by the choices their children make and rarely do you hear them share a word of what is on their heart concerning them. I look in the mirror and wonder- what is wrong with me?

How come I can't seem to manage what is going on? How come everyone else seems to have all together? Their kids are "perfect" and I am just watching myself and the world around me unravel. (at least that is how it feels)

As you rear your children and train them in life, of course the goal is to make them productive,GODLY members of society. (at least that was my goal) Some how they have become members of society- that is it. The productive and Godly neither of them seem to matter, especially to my young men. They think that staying up playing video games then going to bed at whatever time they choose is productivity. They do not see the wasting away of their lives and their choices well lets say you would think that none of them have been raised on a foundation of the  Word. It is so sad.

I am challenged at the time, energy, and sacrifice to end with this result. I look at each young man- and only one is trying to live according to conviction. The one who is trying, is also willing to listen to counsel and works so hard to honor it.

Oct 31, 2014
Thoughts I never shared,thought I would post now

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