Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Seemingly homeless

I wonder how people feel about the subject people standing on the side of the road declaring their hunger and homelessness. But don't look dirty. They have very expensive sneakers on their feet and just don't really appeared to be homeless . I realize the Bible says "when a man ask for your coat .you're to give them your cloak also" but what do you do in these kind of situations ?where it's doesn't seem to an apparent need. When it is away of making a living. It is a kind of manipulation, right? Are we as Christians obligated to help in these kind of situations ?

Today as I was sitting at the light on the corner of second Street and Forster there was a gentleman with a sign stating traveling homeless and hungry and on the curb in front of where he was a brand-new bag of chips that was open and an unopened bottle of Gatorade. These chips were not cheap chips it was "nature's promise organic chips" . I can not even afford to pay that kind of price for potato chips but yet someone who is homeless traveling and hungry can pay that kind of price for chips ? I know what you are going to say, what if someone gave him those items. True what if they did? But what if they didn't? What if he was able to purchase those items, along with his very nice Nike, in great condition sneakers?

What do we do in this kind of world where God is commanded us to feed the hungry and take care of the poor and yet we look around us and they don't look hungry? They seem to be taking advantage of people's good-natured hearts to their financial game.

I know the agreements. We give without worrying. Allow God to take care of the rest. Like giving to an alcoholic. You give it to him what he does with it is on him. Is it really? Should we not be wiser than that?

I am curious of your thoughts on this matter.

Your Servant Angie

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