Tuesday, August 12, 2008

As I stitched the last stitches on my first quilt....

These thoughts were running through my mind...
I was thinking and praying about my older boys P, and A- my sweet boys who are growing up to be men right before my eyes. P will be 18 years old. A will be 17 at the end of the year. Each of them are completing schooling with the mindset of what they will do for the future.

In the meantime- they both want to work, but in my heart is this question " How do I just let them go out there and work in just any place, around anyone? They are still being molded and scalped into men. They need the influences, and guidance of other Godly men. Which they would not receive if they just went and worked "anywhere" around "anyone." This is what my heart is struggling with. I hear so many other Christians say to me "Oh they have to be sent out there some time" or " They have to experience life" or " you can't hold on to them forever". I just want to scream when I hear that,where is that in scripture. SHOW ME the book, chapter and verse. I have no intention of holding on to them. They grow, become Godly men, warriors for Christ, marry, and move on. (That is biblical)

Are we really suppose to send them out before their time?? WE are living a spiritual battle every day Sisters,siestas, and friends. We are battling the fight of our lives. The fight for our very souls and the souls of our children. Should we really have the same mindset of the lost? They also say their children should experience life. So tell me how much more would you feel if you left your child "experience life" as others said you should, and they get aides from having relations way to early? Or get hooked on drugs? Is that the kind of experiences you want them to have? The scary thought is, it is happening.

Young girls are getting pregnant at very young ages by very young boys. The "veggie box" is saturated with medical ads on how to treat diseases and it not interrupt your immoral activities. WHAT? Are kidding me? Learning the lesson the first time was not enough so you continue in the immorality and infect others along the way?

We are living Naive Christian lives if we think we are immuned to all this or that our children are protected from it all just because we go to church. The evil one is waiting, just waiting for the right time, and place to devour us as well as our children.

Equipping them in the word of God, not sending them out before it's time, and being sure that they are set on a foundation of Christ that is unbreakable is the only defense we have!

Thank you Lord for always being my filter- for giving me insight when I need it most. Help us Lord- Help us believers see your word, live your word, and love your word. Forgive us Lord for being weak. Forgive us Lord for not doing as you said.
Give us strength! We need you in our lives to guide us daily.
In Jesus Name- Amen


  1. I have always wanted to make a quilt. Yours is very pretty! Our kids grow up so quickly. You are a good mom, Angie. Let's keep praying for our kiddos. Love, Annette

  2. Angie,
    We have found a wonderful alternative to this situation. Our boys of course want to make money, and only when the opportunity arises, we allow them to do odd jobs for other God fearing people we respect. We also discuss the work plan with the employer a head of time, which is: They must learn good work ethics, emphasize the importance of bieng on time, working hard and when they cannot pay, they must still help out which, teaches them servanthood. Currently, the boys are helping the Burns family with odds and ends, they won't get rich off of it, but wealth isn't our God. People we respect our in their care, hard work awaits them, and a little money to help them feel like young men. What do we leave out? All the garbage they would learn anywhere else....

    I don't care what other Christians think, my kids are not going to be handed over to the world so they can corrupt them. I"m proud of my boys, God is guiding us and it's him I value and with God's blessings on my children, God will guide them when they leave here. Poor or not. Our treasures are in heaven. That's not enough for some people but it is for us.


  3. WOW I can not imagine homeschooling 6 kids!
    I just homeschool my oldest
    We have only been homeschooling since Feb but we love it :)

    See you in SA

  4. Your quilt is beautiful. I've only made one (oops didn't finish the quilting part) and can't wait to finally get settled so I can attempt to complete it and start another.
    Angie, you are a wonderful mom and I admire all you have done and do with your children. I agree that they don't need to be sent out to the wolves. I am in this dilema somewhat as well and prayerfully I will have a solution simply by reading one of your previous comments.


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