Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It amazes me that it is Thursday already. This week seemed to have buzzed by. I am thankful for the week of rain we have received this week. It was needed, the plants were starting to looked fried, in the Texas heat. I am also thankful for the Lord's discernment and allowing me to make the decision of not going to San Antonio, though it was a hard decision to make. It clearly was the right one. I am thankful for my beloved husband,who is so faithful to the word. I am thankful to the Lord for my beautiful children- the mighty arrows of God they will be! I am thankful for the salvation of my mother. I can see the work of Christ with in her. I can see the Lord working in her life and developing a relationship between me and her! I am most thankful for the Love that surrounds me through friendships, family, and the brethern that can only come from Christ Jesus!


  1. I was hoping to meet you there. I know when that following and being obedient to the Lord takes precedence. As a child of HIS, His will trumps our own will. He always has a better plan even if we dont see it at the time. What an example of obedience you are! Love and blessings!

    Engrafted by His Grace--

  2. Looks like your Thanksgiving event came early. Isn't that what it is REALLY about?

    love you,
    I'm thankful for you.


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