Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life struggles

Do you ever wonder when the struggle will end? When you will see a time when it just doesn't seem to always be a dog eat dog? Or robbing Peter to pay Paul situation? When will it end?

I often wonder that- and the the inner battle begins.The battle between flesh and spirit. The one speaks to me and reminds me of scripture and convictions and then the other side that reminds me that I am an able body capable of assisting in even a small way. 
This voice in my head reminds me of what I have been called to: caring for my children, schooling my children, guiding them in righteousness and the Word while the other one says if you worked it would help some. 

In so many ways I feel like I am failing. I have no determination or faithfulness in schooling Noah. I have not been diligent in giving him the Word. What has happened to me? 

I know on this side of eternity the battle will never cease. It will always be raging. Why do some in this world seem to not struggle? Why does it seem like their lives are full of ease or contentment? I know it is a facade - it is just a mask.

Lord I am weak and I need you to give me strength for I am falling and failing in so many ways. 

Give me strength.

Solo para Gloria de Dios

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