Monday, December 23, 2013

Tragedy and loss..

Early Saturday morning my beloved received a phone call from our Pastor and His friend- He needed urgent prayer. He was rushing to the hospital his granddaughter only 5 months old, was not well. He said from the limited information he had that they were saying she had died. When he hung up the phone my beloved laid there for a few minutes not sure what to think. The Holy Spirit prompted him to go to David. He said something to me, and I said go. In the meantime I was trying to contact David's sister - whom I am friends with. I asked her how she was. She called me in tears, so I knew that I was needed as well. We hurried dressed, brushed our teeth, and headed to be there for our Dear Family in Christ.

When we arrived David and His beloved wife were standing by the door and you could see the grief and pain all over their faces. Karen who is always a pillar of strength tried to be strong, and smile, but you could tell the pain. Her smile was one that showed that though she was smiling- she could not understand what was happening and why. David knowing the Word of God said "God is still on the throne, and still sovereign." Saying it in a way not only to encourage us but also to convince His own heart which was breaking with lack of understanding.

How do we make sense of a life that was taken so suddenly?
How do we find an answer to that question that is so often asked and never answered?
How do we find peace in these kind of tragedies?

Dear Ones
I have NO profound answers for you. Truly these are questions we all have and have  asked at one point or another in our walk with the Lord especially in a place or season where there is so much pain and no clear answers.

Looking at this past weekend, one thing is for sure, the LORD is who He says HE IS.. He is sovereign. HE is a wonderful creator, and though that little life left us so quickly, with barely any time to live it. She has left an impact on the hearts who knew and loved her.

Little Angel one day we will stand with you in Heaven- You are now in the arms of the GREATEST FATHER- Glorify to Our Lord. 

Solo para la gloria de Dios


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