Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lonely Quiet Saturday

Hello Friends-Siestas, family-
It seems like ages since I last blogged, even though I posted something yesterday- it was more of a "HELLO I AM ALIVE" post then a post of things on my heart.

Going through a crisis like a hurricane surely reminds us of how much power the earth has, and how much we must rest in the arms of our Lord. When the winds were blowing, hearing all trees falling, the whole time I kept praying to the Lord for protection over the house, and my family. Fear slowly was creeping in when I started to cry out to the Lord. As quickly as that fear came, is as quickly as that same fear disappear. The Holy Spirit was with us, protecting us through the storm, as He promises in His word. We are to rest in His arms and find the peace only He can give!

Earlier in my posts- I shared a photo of a VERY large tree that feel in our yard... there is a story that goes with that tree-

The first part of the storm came with LOTS of heavy wind, but not so much rain. It seemed to last forever- but all of sudden it got quiet- around 4am- Sam and Mike(his brother) did a quick survey of any damage around the property to be sure that there was not any hazards or concerns we should have in the second part of the storm. Everything look good. The winds started again around 6:45am- which was when daylight appeared, the children seemed to find peace so each of them started to drift into sleep. Sam and I slept on and off through out the night- not really a solid sleep but rested none the same. The boys(Paul and Sammy) were in the kitchen at the dinnette playing cards- still unable to rest. I was making my rounds, checking on each them to be sure they were ok, when I spotted the tree on the ground. I could not believe it. I asked the boys did they hear the tree fall. They both said No. I stood in awe- of the vision of this tree on the ground. Where this tree stood is exactly in front of where my two boys were playing cards. As I looked at this tree- I was overwhelmed with a feeling of Gratitude towards the Lord. I know it was HIS hand that not only protected my babies from harm, but also protected them from hearing this 80 foot tree crash to the ground. He took His hand, and gently laid that tree to the ground!!! I get overwhelmed every time I think of HOW wonderful the Lord is and that even through a storm like a Hurricane- you can look around and see His protective hands!

I have missed you my friends and have missed hearing from you- please tell what is new?!!!


  1. Good to hear from you, and I'm glad to know you all are doing well! Been working on the nursery and our to-do list before the baby comes. :) Hope you have a great Saturday!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog...nice to meet fellow bloggers who live nearby. I love the idea of a bloggers meet-n-greet. I'm not actually in Houston, closer to the water actually...not necessarily a good thing these days. But we did alright through the storm. Had people praying for our house. God is Good...Karen

  3. Wow, I have heard so many stories of how carefully trees fell just right to not land on homes and to fall away from hurting anyone. I know many did fall and hurt/damage, but I am thankful, knowing how much worse and how many many more people could have been hurt. Something like this just shakes you up a little, makes you so grateful, but also reminds us how mighty and powerful our Lord is. Glad you all were okay and you are back! Love,Annette


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