Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our First Day of schooling....

Today was our first day of schooling. I always start off slow, we will
do two subjects, and another subject next and keep going till we are on
a full schedule. The children were more than ready. I barely got my cup of
coffee, they were wanting to sit and get started. This year I wanted
to start the school year differently, so we gathered in a circle and
prayed over the year, over being diligent, patient, loving and
understanding. All things I desperately need today.

I still can not get over that it is September-the summer went so fast! I
wish I was in the north, with all the rain we had - the colors of the
trees will be so Gorgeous!

Have a great day y'all


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  1. Looking forward to hearing how your school year goes! How fun that your kiddos were excited to start. :)


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